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Galactic Starfighter PvP

Hello and Welcome,

        I would first like to start off by saying thank you for taking an interest in our guild. We at Access Denied like to have people join us in our endevors, to make this guild one of the most enjoyable experiences a guild has to offer. We look for members who will take pride in what they do and what we do as a guild. Access Denied is a multi facet guild located on The Shadowlands server and we are always looking for like-minded individuals to join our ranks. As a guild our members enjoy every aspect of play the game has to offer. Player vs. Player, Questing, Running Flashpoints and Operations as well as Social Activities we come up with along the way. If our guild sounds like something you would be interested in, like to be part of, or is just right up your ally then we would love to hear from you.

        Above I mentioned Access Denied is a multi facet guild. What is a multi facet guild? A multi facet guild has two parts to it or multiple parts. Our guild currently divided into two parts. The first part of our guild opperates as normal as a guild would. It offers guild perks such as guild chat, guild bank access, a guild ventrilo server, social interaction, and more.

        The second part of our guild is a new concept that has begun in more recent days. It is for players who want to be in a guild just for an XP boost. These players have made it clear that they do not want any real guild interaction. That they do not want to be or feel obligated to do anything guild related. This second aspect of our guild is perfect just for them. Our XP Booster rank offers these kinds of players the experience and social boosts they are looking for as well as a cool guild name while they level. Should an XP Booster decide at any time they would like more out of the guild than their current participation level, they can request to join the guild as a recruit.

        If you have any questions reguarding anything, you can contact the Assistant GM or GM in game.
.: Existing Guild Members :. 

        When applying to this guild website, Click on Join Access Denied on the Nav bar. This will open a new window where it asks for some information. For your User Name, I ask that guild members use their main characters name that is in the guild. Also, list that same name as Main Character name. Fill out any other info accordingly and click Apply.

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